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stat ch4 outline - Kyle Daniele The entire collection of...

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Kyle Daniele The entire collection of objects you are interested in is called a population. Statistical measures that are computed regarding the characteristics of a population are called parameters. Parameters are often represented by Greek letters like μ, and σ. A sample is a subset of the population; statistical measures calculated about a sample are called statistics. Statistics are represented by the letters x-bar, s, and p-hat. A census is a method of data collection in which all of the members of a population are included in the study. They are very complex, time-consuming, and expensive projects. These factors have motivated a substantial amount of statistical research regarding the second strategy of data collection: the sample survey. The process of drawing conclusions about the nature of the entire population based on the data from a sample is called statistical inference and is the basis for the usefulness of statistics in the modern world. A sample of the population is taken. Statistics are computed from the sample. Population parameters are then inferred or estimated based on the sample statistics. These parameters are then used to characterize features of the population. Sample design refers to the technique employed to select a subset of participants from the population and gather the data from the population. There are four types of sample designs. -Voluntary Responses: A general appeal is made for responses to one or more questions.
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stat ch4 outline - Kyle Daniele The entire collection of...

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