dorothy parker - Wooree Kim Dorothy...

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Wooree Kim Dorothy Parker Secaucus High School 11 Mill Ridge Road Secaucus, NJ 07094 (201) 974-2034 Mrs. Donna Carlson
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She is best known for her brazen writings during the Roaring Twenties. In her later life, she became reliant on alcohol, but she still holds the literary acclaim she deserves. The Roaring Twenties served as a time for women to break out of the “Victorian”-mold. The women of this time began to wear shorter dresses, showed off their arms, styled their hair into a boyish bobs, and used slang terms like “the cat’s pajamas.” But Parker was ahead of the league. She did not wait for the 19 th Amendment to be implemented, but was published in Vogue and then Vanity Fair . Yet, Parker will always be crowned the first female drama critic. Later on, in 1920 she was terminated from Vanity Fair since movie producers were greatly offended by her biting criticisms. Although she was fired, I still admire her because she spoke out to readers about how she truly felt. But after working for
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dorothy parker - Wooree Kim Dorothy...

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