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Technological advances have freed society from tiresome labor. However, even today, people refuse to accept these advances into their lives. These people see the benefits of not accepting technology, while it remains unknown to the rest of the world. For example, by accepting technological advances more and more, we accelerate the laziness capable of us beings. We begin to rely solely on machines to do everything for us. Yearly, the work force increases and they must know how to do certain methods on their own. We can learn more about how to do things on our own instead of letting something do it for us. If you take the automobile for example, it could save you from walking long distances. However, it has a major effect on people and the world we live in. Driving
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Unformatted text preview: from one place to another could also be accomplished by foot. How does that effect us personally? The amount of time spend walking could be put towards exercise. In the United States alone, obesity has raised dramatically. The laziness brought from the advances ties into this as a major factor. So, how does the automobile effect the world? CO2 emissions increase as the amount of cars increase. With every pro of an invention, comes a con. People who do not use modern conveniences are gaining something. They are not only helping themselves live a better, healthier life, but they are also helping and giving back to the world they live in....
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