Physics bio - seemed tedious to me since elementary school The process of thinking of an interesting experiment that you hoped no one else had then

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Kyle Daniele 9/6/08 In my four-year span in high school, I have only taken one science course per year. This seems minimal compared to others, but it is not as if science does not interest me. I love learning about the world around us and how it works. I have enjoyed geophysical science and biology, however it is a different story for chemistry. Chemistry, to a degree, was fun. The work as the class went on became more strenuous which took away the enjoyment. I wish I had taken environmental science at one point because the global warming situation has peaked interest in me on how to help and save the environment. My scientific experiences consist of both good and bad. I loved doing labs in each class that I was in because they were fun and interesting. They made the lessons taught in class easier to comprehend. I always hated the science fair experiences because it always
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Unformatted text preview: seemed tedious to me since elementary school. The process of thinking of an interesting experiment that you hoped no one else had, then being judged upon it and winding up losing seemed depressing. I have had no negative roles in my scientific life. With the combined teachings of Mr.Sforza, Ms.Schultz, Ms.Kalapodakis, and Mr.Martinez my science education is vast. I learned the most when I was in these teacher’s classrooms. I also pick up some interesting science facts when reading from the Internet. The only thing that hindered my learning experience was when I would have difficulty learning from the teacher’s method, but I simply asked a friend questions to resolve the problem. Currently, I am excited to take physics as I virtually no nothing about it and to see what it has in store for me....
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