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Aquatic Biomes There are two main aquatic biomes --- freshwater and marine.  Construct a concept map for  each aquatic biome.  Each biome concept map should include the following information: Freshwater Biomes Hint:   Start your concept map by grouping your bodies of freshwater into large categories  such as fast moving (lotic) or standing (lentic)  Include ALL types of freshwater habitats such as rivers, streams, lakes, ponds,  swamps, bayous, bogs, aquatic caves, hot springs, wetlands, estuaries, etc. Major abiotic factors descriptive of EACH body of freshwater (current, temperature,  amount of light, dissolved oxygen, etc.) Include zones (if present) and what describes each
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Unformatted text preview: • Main autotrophs for EACH body of freshwater • Main consumers (list both 1 st and higher order consumers, nekton) Marine • Include ALL zones in the ocean --- intertidal, neritic, oceanic, pelagic, benthic • Include which zones are photic and aphotic (This would be a good starting point to use for grouping your marine biomes.) • Major abiotic factors descriptive of each zone • Main producers of each zone (if present) • Main consumers in each zone being sure to include benthic and pelagic organisms BE SURE TO INCLUDE AS MANY BRANCHES AS POSSSIBLE TO YOUR CONCEPT MAP....
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