Review over Glucose Metabolism

Review over Glucose Metabolism - _____6. Can occur under...

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Review over Glucose Metabolism Match each of the following occurrences to the correct part of the glucose metabolism process.  If more than one answer is correct, write all letters in the blank. A. Glycolysis B. Fermentation C. Cellular Respiration (aerobic) D. Krebs Cycle E. Electron Transport Chain  _____1. Most of the ATP is made _____2. Occurs only under anaerobic conditions _____3. Occurs only under aerobic conditions _____4. Uses phosphorylation _____5. Occurs under aerobic and anaerobic conditions
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Unformatted text preview: _____6. Can occur under anaerobic conditions _____7. Glucose splits into 2, Pyruvic acid molecules _____8. Occurs in the mitochondria _____9. PGAL forms _____10. Lactic acid forms _____11. Occurs in the cytoplasm _____12. Produces CO 2 and ATP _____13. Requires some ATP to get started _____14. Ethanol produced _____15. Acetyl-CoA involved _____16. Citric acid cycle _____17. CO 2 not a byproduct _____18. H 2 O is a byproduct _____19. Nets 2 ATP _____20. Completes glucose metabolism...
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