AnimalGrowthandDevelopment - STUDY GUIDE:Animal growth and...

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STUDY GUIDE:Animal growth and development KEY TERMS fertilization zygote pronucleus cleavage gray crescent morphogenesis blastocoel blastula gastrula gastrulation animal hemisphere vegetal hemisphere blastopore archenteron ectoderm endoderm mesoderm inducer organizer morphogenic field notochord yolk blastodisc epiblast hypoblast neurulation morphogenesis gray crescent totipotent chimera determinate cleavage indeterminate cleavage differentiation determination dorsal lip of the blastopore induction instructive inducers permissive inducers pattern formation limb bud growth cone homeotic gene or mutation HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND BIRTH fetus embryo uterus myometrium cervix amniotic fluid amniocentesis umbilical cord placenta allantois chorion yolk sac chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG parturition labor lactation relaxin oxytocin QUESTIONS 1. Describe the events triggered by the penetration of an animal egg by the sperm, and discuss the process of fertilization. Explain what happens to prevent more than one sperm
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AnimalGrowthandDevelopment - STUDY GUIDE:Animal growth and...

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