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Unformatted text preview: Anthropology Anthropology Anthropological Anthropology Links Scientists (Dart, Leakey, Dubois, Johanson, & Broom) Hominid SpeciesInfo 1. Hominid Fossils Info 2. All about Charles Darwin ResourceGuide to Paleoanthropology Analysis of Early Hominins Hominoid Skulls 4. Geologic Time Webquest Human Phylogeny 5. What did T-Rex taste like? Human & Chimp ChromosomeComparison All About Primates 6. All about Primates 7. Fossil Hominids - The evidencefor human evolution 8. The Hominid Species 9. Hominid Evolution 10. Hominids Webquest 11. Hominid Fossils 12. Human Evolution 13. Early Human Phylogeny 14. Homo habilis & Homo erectus 15. Human Evolution Fossils in 3-D 16. Human Evolution Webquest 17. Becoming Human Webquest 3. Evolution and Biological Anthropology Hardy Weinberg Animation EvolutionEvolution Reading Hominid Adaptation Reading Human Reading Puzzle Puzzles Early Hominid Evolution PowerPoint Phylogeny PowerPoint Human Adaptation Puzzle ...
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