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Campbell Biology Website Student Information The Campbell Biology website is offered free with new copies of Campbell/Reece’s Biology, Seventh Edition .. The website offers interactive tutorials, quizzes, movies, flashcards and other resources. All quizzes except the Cumulative Quiz will send results to your personal Results Reporter (see the Results Reporter link on the left side of the website) and to your instructor’s Gradebook if you instructor chooses to create a class Student Website Information 1) To register, use the student access code (found inside textbook and looks like SIMPLE- FRILL-TONLE-WEIRS-CHOIR-FLEES). 2) If your instructor has given you a Class ID (looks like cm12345), you will need it so that your quiz and tutorial results can also be seen in his/her website gradebook. ___________________ Put Class ID number here 2) Register at www.campbellbiology . Click the book cover of Biology, Seventh Edition . Follow the instructions below to complete the registration process. You only register ONCE, and will login thereafter using your personal login name and password. See Step-by-Step Registration Instructions , Step-by-Step Class Enrollment Instructions and Step-by-Step Log In Instructions below for more details. A NOTE ON BROWSERS: For Windows users, Internet Explorer is preferred over Netscape Navigator. America Online users should use IE as their browser window (connect to the Internet with AOL, then minimize the AOL browser window and open Internet Explorer or Netscape). Disable any pop-up blockers for this site only. Step-by-Step Registration Instructions Go to www.campbellbiology Click the book cover of Biology, Seventh Edition . Under First-time Users , Click STUDENT REGISTRATION Register . Enter the 6-word access code found inside your textbook. Enter your school’s zip code and School’s Country; then click Next. Complete your personal information (your name, email address, etc.). Select your school name from the
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CampbellWebsite - Campbell Biology Website Student...

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