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14th: equal protection under law of federal and state governments 5th: cannot be forced to give verbal evidence against self 2nd: right to form well regulated militia to defend our communities 8th: protects from unfair punishments 9th: implies not all right possessed are listed in the constitution 6th: right to assistance of legal experts when defending ourselves 10th: states maintain govt. authority not listed in constitution 4th: protects from illegal search/seizure
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Unformatted text preview: 1st: right to express and believe unpopular beliefs 14th: given due process rights in federal and state action 1st: states can protect self from dangerous statements 5th: property seized for public good must be compensated for (eminent domain) 15th: voting right cannot be denied to all men 1st: govt. cannot lead us in religious practices 14th: basic rights of amendments might be forced on state govts...
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