AP Gov Unit I Study Guide

AP Gov Unit I Study Guide - Unit I: The American System:...

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Unit I: The American System: Constitutional Underpinnings of Content Goals : You will understand the philosophy and historical background of the Constitution. Key principles will be presented, such as federalism and separation of powers, the ideological and philosophical underpinnings of American government, and theories informing interpretations of the Constitution including democratic theory, republicanism, pluralism and elitism. You will learn to distinguish between different types of democracies, understanding that the Framers of the Constitution intended that the United States be a representative democracy in which the power to make decisions would be determined by a free and competitive struggle for the citizens’ votes. You will also understand that the Framers’ challenge was to create a system in which protecting liberty and preserving order would both be accomplished by a government based on a written constitution which combined the principles of popular consent, separation of powers and federalism. A key to understanding the American system will be to recognize the fact that the United States’ system of government is supported by a political culture that fosters a sense of civic duty, takes pride in the nation’s constitutional arrangements and provides support for the exercise of essential civil liberties. A brief comparison between our system and other countries’ democracies will reveal that our culture encourages the vigorous exercise of rights and claims,
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AP Gov Unit I Study Guide - Unit I: The American System:...

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