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AP Gov Unit II Study Guide - Unit II Study Guide Political...

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Unit II Study Guide Political parties, interest groups and mass media (chapters 5-10) Content Goals: You will become familiar with the workings of the electoral process, the role of money and interest groups on campaigns, the laws governing elections, and the way individual campaigns operate on the local, state, and national level. You will also understand the mechanisms of translating interests into government action through activities of interest groups, political action committees and mass media, as well as the role of media coverage and the press on elections and government actions. You will understand the role of public opinion: what it is, where and how it arises and descriptions of divisions among political ideologies. Next, you will gain knowledge of political participation, discovering what determines participation and the importance Americans pay to our frequent elections. You will learn that political parties are one of the organizations that translates public opinion into policy; you will learn why, as organizations that influence the political systems, political parties are becoming weaker, that the center of power is shifting away from officeholders and party regulars and toward the parties’ more ideological wings, and that our two-party system is maintained while minor parties are discouraged. In addition, you will understand that party influence has decayed as a result of the widespread adoption of the direct primary, the increasing influence of the media and the workings of campaign finance law. You will learn about a second set of organizations that influences policy, interest
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AP Gov Unit II Study Guide - Unit II Study Guide Political...

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