AP Gov Unit IV Study Guide

AP Gov Unit IV Study Guide - Study Guide Unit IV The...

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Study Guide Unit IV Content Goals : This unit consists of discussions regarding several areas of public policy, including foreign and defense policy; health care; and economic, environmental and social welfare policy. You will understand the major policy areas and debates in American government today. Specifically, you will understand the policy-making process: how the political system places an issue on the governmental agenda and how the system decides what to do about that issue once it is on the agenda, how political coalitions or political processes (majoritarian, client, interest group, and entrepreneurial politics) are formed, and how different specific policies require different political coalitions. You will understand the institutional guarantees of political and civil rights granted under the Constitution, the rights conferred by the American government system, key Supreme Court cases and arguments regarding constitutional protections, the impact of the Fourteenth Amendment on civil rights at the state level, and the impact of judicial decisions on American socie You ty. Finally, you will learn that civil liberties are foundational to political beliefs and political culture in the United States, and that those rights are found in the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments. You will discover that conflicts regarding civil liberties often involve competing interests—between national security and personal expression and between the right of society to protect itself from criminals and the right of all people to be free from unreasonable searches
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AP Gov Unit IV Study Guide - Study Guide Unit IV The...

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