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AP Practice Exam 1 - Practice Exam#1 1 0The Constitution as...

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Practice Exam #1 1. 0The Constitution as ratified in 1788 most clearly reflects the framers’ a0. the idea of direct democracy b0. the principle of limited government c0. the abolition of slavery d0. protecting the rights of the accused e0. maintaining the primacy of the states 2. 0A Supreme Court that demonstrates a willingness to change public policy and alter judicial precedent is said to be engaging in a0. judicial activism b0. due process c0. judicial restraint d0. ex post fact lawmaking e0. judicial review 3. 0A writ of certiorari from the Supreme Court indicates that the Court a0. will review lower court decision b0. has rendered a decision on a case c0. has decided not to hear an appeal d0. will recess until the end of the calendar year e0. plans to overturn one of its previous rulings 4. 0American foreign policy is directed primarily by the a0. House of Representatives b0. Senate c0. president d0. Supreme Court e0. federal bureaucracy “We conclude that in the field of education the doctrine of ‘separate but equal’ has no place. Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.” 5. 0The Supreme Court issued this opinion in its ruling on which of the following cases? a0. Gideon v. Wainwright b0. Marbury v. Madison c0. Engel v. Vitale d0. Regents of University of California v. Bakke e0. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka 6. 0Which of the following is the primary responsibility of Congress? a0. enforcing the administrative decisions of bureaucracy b0. selecting the head of the executive branch of government c0. policymaking d0. enforcing decisions made in the executive and judicial branches e0. cooperating with interest groups
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7. 0The Rules Committee is considered among the most power full in the House of Representatives because it has great power over the a0. ethical conduct of House of members b0. selection of federal judges c0. number of subcommittees that a standing committee may establish at any given time d0. scheduling of votes and the conditions under which bills are debated and amended e0. regulations governing federal elections 8. 0The primary function of political action committees (PACs) is to a0. contribute money to candidates for election b0. coordinate local get-out-the-vote campaigns c0. promote the defeat of incumbents in the federal and state legislatures d0. organize protest demonstrations and other acts of civil disobedience e0. contact Congress to suggest legislation 9. 0Which of the following people would most likely be accused of influence peddling? a0. a congressperson who retires to take a position teaching political science at a university b0. a former president who advises a current president on a particular foreign policy issue c0. a voter who researches the positions of all candidates in a race before choosing whom to support d0. a judge who consistently hands down the maximum sentence to convicted felons e0. an official who leaves the State Department to work as a paid consultant to foreign governments 10.
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