AP Practice Exam 3 - Practice Exam#3 1 Which of the...

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Practice Exam #3 1. Which of the following statements concerning the attitudes of the founding fathers is true?0 a0. They were a cross section of that era’s citizens-both rich and poor-who were proportionately represented. b0. They were really not all that concerned with maintaining an integrated system that provided for a separation of powers. c0. They were a group that was motivated by a disinterested commitment to the public good, with little desire to express their own economic and human opinions. d0. The founders were divided among themselves about the definition of what the concept of federalism reality meant. e0. The founders were admirable because what they created really was original and was not borrowed from earlier governmental concepts. 2. 0Which of the following descriptions concerning the Federalist Papers is NOT correct? a0. Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison used the pen name “Publius.” b0. The names of the authors of the Federalist Papers were a secret at the time of their publication. c0. The Federalist Paper probably played only a small role in securing ratification. d0. These essays have had a long-lasting value as an authoritative and profound explanation of the Constitution. e0. The Federalist Papers were almost exclusively printed in the Philadelphia newspapers. 3. 0Which of the following statements best describes the term silent majority ? a0. The silent majority consists of those people who uphold traditional values no matter what their economic status, especially against the counterculture of the 1960s. b0. The silent majority refers to a group of mostly liberal, progressive thinkers of the 1950s. c0. The silent majority was a popular term utilized by the founding fathers to describe the people they believed they were representing. d0. The silent majority later organized into a political group that founded the “Bull Moose Party,” one of the most successful third parties in American politics. e0. The silent majority was first used to describe those citizens opposed to the Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade. 4. 0Which of the following statements concerning political participation in the United States is NOT correct? a0. The motor-voter bill was designed to make it easier to register to vote. b0. In the United States, the entire burden of registering to vote falls on the individual voters. c0. The real source of the voter participation problem in the United States is that a relatively low percentage of the adult population is registered to vote. d0. In the United States, a majority of the voting-age population is registered to vote. e0. The vast majority of registered American voters do not vote in elections. 5. 0In the United States, voter turnout is highest for presidential elections among which of the
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AP Practice Exam 3 - Practice Exam#3 1 Which of the...

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