AP Practice Exam 4 - Practice Exam #4 1. 0The franking...

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Practice Exam #4 1. 0The franking privilege is best described as a. A request by the president for a senator’s approval of a judicial appointment b. The ability of the Federal Reserve Bard or the Treasury to print money c. The ability of members of Congress to mail information to constituents at public expense d. A request by bureaucratic agencies seeking presidential approval of standing operating procedures e. The ability of a senator to kill a bill through prolonged debate. 2. Which of the following offices requires Senate approval? I. White House Chief of Staff II. CIA Director III. Secretary of Homeland Security IV. Attorney General0 a. I only b. I, II, and III only c. I, III, and IV only d. II, III, IV only e. I, II, III, IV 3. The incorporation doctrine involves which of the following?0 a. Applying the Bill of Rights to the states b. How the executive branch enforces a policy c. Creating a new constitutional protection, such as privacy, that is an implied liberty d. The ability of citizens to file a lawsuit against the government in federal courts e. The ability of businesses to file for patent protection with the executive branch. 4. All of the following are features of the federal government EXCEPT0 a. Separation of powers b. Checks and balances c. Unitary system d. Popular sovereignty e. Limited majority rule 5. The Supreme Court will most likely issue a writ of certiorari to0 a. Require a lower court to retry a case b. Explain its ruling in a decision c. Overturn a previous precedent d. Require a government official to act on an order issued by the Court e. Clarify an issue n which there is disagreement among the lower courts. 6. Congress used its commerce power to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to0 a. End discrimination in private as well as public institutions b. Ensure that it would not be challenged in the courts c. Counter the growing power of the executive branch
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d. Implement affirmative action policies in places of public accommodation e. Appease white Southerners who were against the legislation. 7. Which of the following socioeconomic classes most likely vote Republican?0 a. Manual laborers and factory workers b. Professionals and business owners c. Intellectuals and women d. Union members and women e. Contract laborers and immigrant citizens 8. Which of the following is the most accurate statement about super-delegates?0 a. They are Republicans who secure seats at the national convention for their fundraising prowess. b. They are Democrats who successfully raised soft money for the national convention. c. They are chosen by presidential primaries and caucuses. d. They have tremendous influence over who will be the party’s vice presidential candidate. e. They are Democratic Party leaders who are guaranteed a seat at the convention.
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AP Practice Exam 4 - Practice Exam #4 1. 0The franking...

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