AP Practice Exam 5 - Practice Exam #5 1. Logrolling is best...

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Practice Exam #5 1. Logrolling is best described as a. A trading of votes between members of Congress b. Legislation that expires in a specified time frame c. A Senate tactic to delay passage of a bill d. A privilege of members of Congress to publish and mail information at public expense e. Federal projects or funds that benefit a congressional district 2. Which of the following is considered a formal power of the president? I. Declare war II. Negotiate treaties III. Nominate national party chairperson IV. Veto legislation a. III and IV only b. II and III only c. I, III, and IV only d. II and IV only e. I, II, III, IV 3. The Fourteenth Amendment’s due process clause has been used to a. Overturn Plessy v. Ferguson b. Overturn Barron v. Baltimore c. End discrimination in places of public accommodation d. Allow judges to mandate the busing of students e. Prevent states from restricting a person’s right to bear arms 4. All of the following influenced the framers who drafted the Constitution EXCEPT a. John Locke’s The Second Treatise of Government b. The violence of Daniel Shays’ rebellion c. Trade disputes between states d. Lack of respect from foreign countries e. Federal abuse of natural rights under the Articles of Confederation 5. The Supreme Court may remand a case to a lower court to a. Retry the case excluding evidence that was deemed unconstitutional b. Appeal to public opinion for support of its ruling c. Provide Congress an opportunity to pass new legislation d. Give the Supreme Court more time to decide the case e. Give interest groups more time to prepare amicus curiae briefs 6. In United States v. Lopez , the Supreme Curt ruled that a. Congress exceeded its power to regulate interstate commerce b. The Gun Free School Zone Act violated the Second Amendment c. Congress cannot require local officials to conduct background checks for gun purchases d. Congress can use grant money to influence state policies
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e. The Gun Free School Zone Act was a necessary and proper use of commerce power. 7. Which of the following characteristics has the greatest impact on a person’s political beliefs? a. Formal socialization b. Civics courses in secondary school c. Parents’ party affiliation d. Political experiences and observations e. Mass media 8. Which of the following powers is designated only to the national government? a. The power to levy taxes b. The power to take private land for public use c. The power to make and enforce laws d. The power to regulate commerce with foreign nations e. The power to create and maintain a judicial system 9. The 22 nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution establishes which of the following? a. It repealed the policy of prohibition established earlier. b. It limited U.S.S presidents to two terms.
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AP Practice Exam 5 - Practice Exam #5 1. Logrolling is best...

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