AP Syllabus - Advanced Placement U.S Government Mr Reisman...

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Advanced Placement U.S. Government Mr. Reisman Description : Advanced Placement U.S. Government is a one semester, college-level course designed to prepare students to take the Advanced Placement examination, administered by the College Board and the Educational Testing Service, in May. The course is designed for the highly motivated student who wishes to earn college credit in government—for students who achieve a score of 3, 4, or 5 on their AP exam, universities may grant either credit or advanced placement, or both; see AP Central (http://www.collegeboard.com/ap/creditpolicy/institution/0,,654,00.html) to find out the AP credit and placement policy for the college or university you plan to attend. AP Government is a rigorous course involving challenging reading and writing assignments, data analysis, and in-class discussion and debate. The course is designed to expand knowledge and understanding of the American political system in general. Specifically, students will become familiar with the philosophy, structure and operation of the U.S. government so they will be more-effective decision makers and better-informed citizens capable of analyzing the important political issues that confront the nation. The following general topics will be covered: The constitutional underpinnings of American government Political beliefs and behaviors Political parties, interest groups and mass media Institutions of national government Public policy Civil rights and civil liberties. Texts and Readings
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AP Syllabus - Advanced Placement U.S Government Mr Reisman...

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