Chapter 1 Practice Test

Chapter 1 Practice Test - Chapter 1 Practice Test 1. Most...

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Chapter 1 Practice Test 1. Most national political officeholders are middle-class, middle-aged, white Protestant males. Knowing this, we… a. Still cannot explain many important policies. b. Have identified the power elite. c. Can answer the question, “To what ends?” d. Can predict little of importance to politics. e. Can predict most of the policies that come out of Washington. 2. Which of the following statements about authority is correct? a. It is defined as the right to use power. b. It resides in government, not in the private sector. c. It typically results from the naked use of force. d. It is the opposite of legitimacy. e. All of the above. 3. Aristotle’s notion of democracy is also referred to as: a. New York Democracy. b. Direct democracy. c. Commoner democracy. d. Participatory. e. B and D. 4. In Aristotle’s view, democracy would consist of: a. The effective representation of the interests of the whole population. b. Political representation by all individuals in a society, regardless of race, age or gender. c. Participation by all or most citizens in either holding office or making policy. d. An elite group of policy makers elected by the will of the people. e. An elite council that made decisions without regard to public opinion. 5. The theory of representative democracy holds that… a. Individuals acquire power through competition for the people’s vote. b. It is unreasonable to expect people to choose among competing leadership groups. c. Government officials should represent the true interests of their clients. d.
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Chapter 1 Practice Test - Chapter 1 Practice Test 1. Most...

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