Chapter 4 Practice Test

Chapter 4 Practice Test - Chapter 4 Practice Test 1...

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1. Americans think it very important that everyone should be… a. Economically equal. b. Politically equal. c. Both politically and economically equal. d. Neither politically nor economically equal e. Political equal if economically advanced. 2. Which of the following is not among the important elements in the American view of the political system? a. Civic duty b. Individualism c. Equality of opportunity d. Democracy e. Equality of condition 3. Scholars infer the existence of political culture by observing… a. The kinds of books Americans read. b. The political choices Americans make. c. The slogans Americans respond to d. The speeches Americans hear. e. All of the above. 4. The Civil War provides an illustration of… a. Political behavior inconsistent with personal values. b. A radical rejection by the Confederacy of the constitutional order. c. How governments cannot last long without internal conflict. d. The conflict between existing constitutional values and institutional values. e. The persistence of shared beliefs about how a democratic regime ought to be organized. 5. One important piece of evidence that Americans have believed themselves bound by common values and common hopes has been… a. That free elections could indeed be conducted. b. Their hostile attitudes toward free speech. c. Their use of the word Americanism d. The importance of the frontier in American history. e. Their tendency toward idealism. 6. When a 1924 study in Muncie, Indiana, was repeated in 1977, it found that 1977 respondents… a. Judged those who failed more harshly. b. Were more sympathetic with failure. c. Had about the same attitudes as 1924 respondents. d.
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Chapter 4 Practice Test - Chapter 4 Practice Test 1...

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