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Chapter 7 Practice Test

Chapter 7 Practice Test - Chapter 7 Practice Test 1 The...

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Chapter 7 Practice Test 1. The oldest political parties in the world are currently found in… a. India b. The United States c. Great Britain d. Germany e. Switzerland 2. American political parties have become weaker as… a. Labels in the minds of voters. b. A set of political leaders who try to organize and control government. c. Organizations that recruit candidates. d. All of the above. e. None of the above. 3. In Europe candidates for elective office are generally nominated by… a. Local referenda b. Aristocrats c. Party leaders d. Prime ministers e. National primaries 4. Decentralization of political authority in the U.S. is chiefly promoted by… a. The legal community b. Federalism c. Nationalism d. The church e. The mass media 5. Which of the following is not a reason for stronger political parties in Europe? a. The greater age of European parties. b. The absence of primary elections. c. The ability of the legislature to choose the chief executive. d. The power of leaders to nominate candidates. e. A political culture more favorable to parties. 6. American political parties, unlike those of most other democratic nations, are closely regulated by. . a. Minorities b. The Constitution c. Powerful machines d. The executive branch of government e. State and federal laws 7. Why should George Washington, among other Founders of our nation, have been so opposed to political parties?
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a. Because the Constitution made clear the dangers of partisanship in government. b. Because political parties during the early years of the republic were both strong and centralized. c.
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Chapter 7 Practice Test - Chapter 7 Practice Test 1 The...

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