Chapter 12 Practice Test

Chapter 12 Practice Test - Chapter 12 Practice Test 1. In a...

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Chapter 12 Practice Test 1. In a parliamentary system the prime minister is chosen by the… a. People b. Signatories c. Electors d. Legislature e. Monarch. 2. Which of the following statements is true of U.S. presidents but not of British prime ministers? a. Presidents and the legislature often work at cross-purposes. b. Presidents are selected by the legislature. c. Presidents have more strict control over members of their party. d. Presidents are most often government insiders. e. Presidents generally choose their cabinets from among members of Congress. 3. The text makes which of the following statements about the effect of divided government? a. Divided government produces worse gridlock than does a unified government. b. The end of gridlock is accomplished by a divided government. c. Important legislation is produced about as much with divided governments as with unified governments. d. Divided government slows the progress of necessary legislation and, in a time of crisis, almost ensures there will be no consensus. e. Divided government is a myth. 4. The text suggests that policy gridlock is a necessary consequence of… a. Representative democracy. b. Big government. c. Direct democracy. d. Divided government e. Unified government. 5. Who called for something like an elective monarch here in the U.S.? a. George Washington b. John Adams c. Thomas Jefferson d. John Jay e. Alexander Hamilton 6. The Framers first considered having _____ select the president. a. The Supreme Court b. Congress c. The state legislatures d. The various governors e. The large states
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7. What amendment formally limited presidents to two terms? a. 9
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Chapter 12 Practice Test - Chapter 12 Practice Test 1. In a...

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