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Chapter 13 Practice Test - Chapter 13 Practice Test 1...

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Chapter 13 Practice Test 1. American bureaucracy is complex because… a. Federalism encourages the abuse of power. b. The bureaucracy is so large. c. The Constitution determines its structure and function. d. Authority is divided among several managing institutions. e. Civil servants are immune from firing. 2. Public enterprises in France account for what percentage of all employment? a. 1 percent b. 3 percent c. 6 percent d. 12 percent e. 20 percent 3. The political ideology of a presidential appointee is important because she or he… a. Must often work with radical groups. b. Affects how the laws are interpreted c. Is usually bound by specific directives. d. Is aligned with congressional ideology. e. Typically has strong party ties. 4. The basis of appointments to the bureaucracy during most of the nineteenth century and the early part of the twentieth century was… a. Financial. b. Patronage. c. Nepotism. d. Technical expertise. e. Support for the president’s policies. 5. The dramatic increase in the number of federal employees from 1816 to 1861 was the direct result of… a. The need for Secret Service agents in the White House. b. Expansion in the size of congressional staff. c. Expansion of services in the Post Office. d. The Hatch Act. e. President Grant’s concern over the Whiskey Ring scandal. 6. When first established, the Departments of Agriculture, Labor, and Commerce had one thing in common: a. Their secretaries were not appointees. b. They all sought to regulate their clienteles. c. They were primarily service-oriented. d. They all avoided contacts with the public. e. They protected states’ rights.
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7. Which statement best describes how the text of the Constitution addresses the issue of granting power to bureaucrats? a.
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Chapter 13 Practice Test - Chapter 13 Practice Test 1...

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