Chapter 14 Practice Test

Chapter 14 Practice Test - Chapter 14 Practice Test 1. The...

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Chapter 14 Practice Test 1. The dramatic and sometimes bitter conflict surrounding some Supreme Court nominations can only be explained by the fact that… a. There are only nine people on the Court. b. The Court plays such a large role in making public policy. c. The partisan balance of the Court is quite skewed. d. Presidents rarely seek the “advice” of the Senate. e. Nominees are rarely qualified for the job. 2. Strict-constructionist judges differ from activist judges in that they are more likely to… a. Adopt a liberal viewpoint on such issues as states’ rights and birth control. b. Apply rules that are clearly stated in the Constitution. c. See, and take advantage of, opportunities in the law for the exercise of discretion. d. Believe in the application of judicial review to criminal matters. e. Look for and apply the general principles underlying the Constitution. 3. Fifty years ago, judicial activists tended to be… a. Strict constructionists. b. Liberals. c. Conservatives. d. Moderates. e. Radicals. 4. In Federalist #78 , Alexander Hamilton described the judicial branch as the _____ branch. a. Most corrupt b. Least political c. Reliable d. Existential e. Least dangerous 5. During the period from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of the New Deal, the dominant issue that the Supreme Court faced was that of… a. Government regulation of the economy. b. Rights or privacy. c. States’ rights versus federal supremacy. d. Slavery. e. Government regulation of interstate commerce. 6. Which of the following statements about McCulloch v. Maryland is correct? a. It established judicial review. b. It ruled a national bank unconstitutional. c. It restricted the scope of congressional power. d.
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Chapter 14 Practice Test - Chapter 14 Practice Test 1. The...

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