Chapter 16 Practice Test

Chapter 16 Practice Test - Chapter 16 Practice Test 1....

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Chapter 16 Practice Test 1. Which of the following statements about the power of American government to make economic policy is correct? a. It is divided among rival agencies. b. It is the central purpose of political parties. c. It is based primarily on international politics. d. It is a result of entrepreneurial politics. e. It is rarely the product of more than a few influences. 2. Self-regarding theory holds that… a. Officials think mainly about increasing their power. b. Political parties encourage self-interest c. Voters are influenced largely by their immediate economic situations. d. Citizens put the nation ahead of business or their personal economic situations. e. Self-interested voters will support public officials. 3. Self-regarding theory would not have predicted that in a time of general prosperity, a majority of Americans would believe that _____ was (were) the nation’s most important problem a. Unemployment b. Inflation c. Price supports d. Militarism e. Imperialism. 4. After the Social Security system was established, Congress voted to increase benefits… a. According to a specific formula. b. Only in times of high inflation. c. For low=income recipients only. d. In almost every election year. e. When there were surpluses. 5. Choices about economic policy are shaped most significantly by the… a. Party affiliation of legislators. b.
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Chapter 16 Practice Test - Chapter 16 Practice Test 1....

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