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Chapter 17 Practice Test - Chapter 17 Practice Test 1...

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Chapter 17 Practice Test 1. Welfare programs in which nearly everyone benefits and nearly everyone pays are characterized by… a. Overlapping politics. b. Client politics. c. Interest group politics. d. Entrepreneurial politics. e. Majoritarian politics. 2. The biggest problem facing majoritarian welfare programs is… a. Their cost. b. Their legitimacy. c. Their goals d. Who will benefit. e. How should clients be served. 3. The biggest problem facing client-oriented welfare programs is… 4. A welfare program such as the old Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) is a good example of… 5. Most of the welfare policies in the U.S. have attempted to… 6. Which of the following beliefs is not held by the American people? a. Income redistribution is a good thing. b. Helping the needy is a good thing. c. Assisting those who cannot help themselves is a good thing. d. Giving people money will produce a class of welfare chiselers. e. Giving people services rather than money is a good thing.
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