Chapter 18 Practice Test

Chapter 18 Practice Test - Chapter 18 Practice Test 1....

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Chapter 18 Practice Test 1. Which of the following statements about the Bill of Rights is true? a. It is part of the Declaration of Independence. b. It was written during the Constitutional Convention. c. It was part of the original draft of the Constitution. d. It was added to the Constitution before ratification. e. It was added to the Constitution shortly after ratification. 2. The Framers saw no need for a bill of rights because… a. In their view, civil liberties were a matter for the states, not for the federal government. b. They were convinced that in a democratic republic, public opinion was a sufficient protection. c. No one bothered to even bring up the topic at the Convention. d. They assumed the federal government could not do things it was not explicitly authorized to do. e. Their chief concern was protecting public order, not guaranteeing rights. 3. Civil liberties issues are mostly likely to be issues of… a. Majoritarian politics. b. Partisan politics. c. Interest group politics. d. Client politics. e. Entrepreneurial politics. 4. The leading entrepreneur of the Red Scare around the time of WWI was… a. Joseph McCarthy. b. A. Mitchell Palmer. c. Kate Richards O’Hare. d. Francis Townsend. e. Woodrow Wilson. 5. Blackstone argued that the press should be free… a. From any restrictions whatsoever. b. Only when it published the truth. c. From censorship prior to publication. d. From seditious libel restrictions alone. e. From libel laws regarding government officers. 6. The debate between the Federalists and the Jeffersonians over the Sedition Act was largely a debate over… a. The fundamentals of individual liberty. b. The role of the press in a democratic republic. c. States’ rights. d. The interpretation of elastic clauses in the Constitution. e. The role of government in the economy. 7. The Jeffersonian Republicans believed that the press…
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a. Should be free from governmental controls. b.
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Chapter 18 Practice Test - Chapter 18 Practice Test 1....

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