Chapter 20 Practice Test

Chapter 20 Practice Test - Chapter 20 Practice Test 1. The...

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Chapter 20 Practice Test 1. The division of constitutional authority between the president and Congress is best characterized as… a. Congressional dominance. b. Presidential dominance. c. An “invitation to struggle.” d. “Provocative silence.” e. A true case and controversy. 2. Decisions as to the total level of defense spending and the size of the armed forces as a whole are made by… a. The Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon. b. The Joint Chiefs of Staff. c. The Speaker of the House. d. Congress. e. The president. 3. Of the thirteen major wars fought by this country, ____ have followed a formal declaration of war by Congress. a. Three b. Five c. Ten d. Twelve e. Thirteen 4. The Supreme Court has generally held the view that the conduct of foreign affairs… a. Is chiefly a congressional responsibility. b. Is chiefly a presidential responsibility. c. Involves important constitutional rights. d. Is a political question for Congress and the president to work out. e. Is best handled by the lower federal courts. 5. The most important congressional check on the president in the area of foreign affairs is the power to… a. Impeach. b. Control the purse strings. c. Approve ambassadors. d. Reorganize those federal agencies that make foreign policy. e. Restrict access to the White House. 6. The War Powers Act of 1973 was designed as a check on the… a. President. b. The Courts. c. CIA d. Pentagon.
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e. Congressional hawks. 7. The War Powers Act calls for Congress to provide a formal declaration or statutory authorization within _____ after troops are sent into a hostile situation. a.
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Chapter 20 Practice Test - Chapter 20 Practice Test 1. The...

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