Daily Schedule-AP Gov - Daily Schedules The American System...

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Daily Schedules The American System [Constitutional Underpinnings] (chapters 1-4) Day Lesson Homework Monday 1/4 Structure of class, syllabus/expectations Textbooks Human nature and American Gov’t Print syllabus (on Website) Read and note p. 2-11 Read Federalist #51. p. A26-29 (also on (Website)) Tuesday 1/5 The study of American Gov’t: Democracy & power Read “The Power Elite” (Website) Read and note p. 11-15 (including “Enduring Questions”) Wed. 1/6 Study of Am Gov’t: Political Change Who rules? Read “Pluralism” (Website) Read and note, p. 16-25 Thursday 1/7 The Constitution: Liberty & the Challenge of Structuring Government Read and note p. 25 to top of p. 37 (including information in boxes.) Friday 1/8 The Constitution: Writing and ratifying it Read and note p. 37-46 (including “Enduring Questions”) Monday 1/11 The Constitution: What does it mean? Read and note p. 48-to middle of p. 65 Read and understand Article 4 of Constitution, p. A-11. Tuesday 1/12 Federalism: What is it? Article IV Read and note p. 65-74 (including “Enduring Questions”) Wed. 1/13 Federalism: How does it work? Read and note p. 76- to middle of p. 87 Read “Political Culture” (Website) Read “Check Your Prejudices” (Website) Thursday 1/14 Political culture: What is it? What is ours? Read and note p. 87-99 (including Enduring Questions) Memorize 1 st 12 lines of Declaration of Independence, p. A-1 (will be part of Wednesday’s Unit exam) Friday 1/15 Political culture: What do we stand for? What won’t we stand for? Study for Unit I Exam (chapters 1-4, including first 12 lines of Declaration) Tuesday 1/19 Essay Questions Wed 1/20 Unit I Exam (Chapters 1-4) Read and note p. 102- middle of p. 111 Read Federalist #10, p. A-20-25 (also on (Website) Unit II – Opinions, Interests & Organizations [Political Beliefs/Political Thursday 1/21 Public Opinion: what is it? Where does it come from? Read and note p. 111 up to “Analyzing Consistency,” p. 120. Friday 1/22 Public Opinion: “Cleavages” Political ideology Read and note p. 120-128 (including Enduring Questions) Monday 1/25 Public Opinion: Political elites Read and note p. 130-140 Tuesday 1/26 Political Participation: Voting and non-voting Read and note p. 140-148 (including Enduring Questions) Read and note “Political Participation” (on Website) 1
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Day Lesson Homework Wed. 1/27
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Daily Schedule-AP Gov - Daily Schedules The American System...

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