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Issues for the Future Project

Issues for the Future Project - Political re-alignment Iran...

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Issues for the Future Project Description : With a partner, pick one of the issues below. In your own words, complete a 2-5 page case study that addresses the following: A definition and assessment of the issue—what is it about? Who or what is impacted? Is it hot? What political actors—nations, interest groups, business interests, politicians, etc.—have the issue on their radar? What positions do they take and why is it important to them? Regarding domestic issues, what is the potential for the issue to end up in the courts (legal proceedings or “court of public opinion”)? What legal arguments will advocates and/or opponents use? What are the economic implications, either domestic, international or both? How will the political system address the issue? Will majoritarian, client, entrepreneurial or interest group politics prevail? Will the solution involve “blowback?” Is it one that you would endorse (why or why not)? Issues: Human rights South America (individual nations, relations with U.S.)
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Unformatted text preview: Political re-alignment Iran, N. Korea or rogue state (nuclear non-proliferation ) Security/Terrorism in general Immigration Social Security (or other entitlements) AIDS (and/or other endemic diseases) Domestic health care (including insurance) Disease outbreaks (bird flu, etc.) International economic competition Environmental concerns Energy (nuclear, oil, alternative, etc.) Stem cell research (biotech) Racial/economic strife (domestic or int’l) China! Or India! Middle East European Union (or Regional Economic Association) U.S. & UN The United Nations Spread of democracy Other _________ Oral Presentation (either present this project or the “court” project): Prepare a 10-15 minute oral presentation summarizing your findings. Allow time for class discussion and debate. Format: Use MLA format, with proper citations. You can submit projects to me via email: [email protected] 1...
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