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CHAPTER 13 The Bureaucracy IMPORTANT TERMS Administrative Procedure Act A law passed in 1946 requiring federal agencies to give notice, solicit comments, and (sometimes) hold public hearings before adopting any new rules. *annual authorization The practice of a legislative committee determining the amount an agency can spend on a yearly basis. This practice is a recent one and curtails the power of the appropriations committees. *appropriation Money formally set aside for a specific use; issued by the House Appropriations Committee. *authorization legislation Legislation that originates in a legislative committee stating the maximum amount of money that an agency may spend on a given program. buddy system A job description by an agency which is tailor-made
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middle- and upper-level positions in the bureaucracy. *bureaucracy A large organization composed of appointed officers in which authority is divided among several managers. bureaucratic culture An informal understanding among fellow employees of an agency as to how they are supposed to act. *committee clearance A request made by congressional committees to review certain agency decisions. Although usually not binding, it is seldom ignored by agencies. *competitive service The set of civil servants appointed on the basis of a written exam administered by the Office of Personnel Management or by meeting certain selection criteria. conflict
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terms_13 - CHAPTER 13 The Bureaucracy IMPORTANT TERMS...

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