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Unit III Sample Questions - Unit III Sample Questions 1....

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Unit III Sample Questions 1. 0Interest groups an political parties are similar in all of the following EXCEPT : a0. Both run candidates for elected office. b0. Both raise large amounts of money for advertising. c0. Both try to convince the electorate of the wisdom of their policy positions. d0. Both appeal to the public-at-large, for the good of the country. e0. Both work behind “closed doors” with politicians. 2. 0John Anderson’s National United Ticket was formed as a a0. protest to Carter’s programs as president b0. conservative split from the Republic Party because of economic issues c0. liberal split from the Republican Party because of social issues d0. anti-Vietnam expression of protest e0. southern states rights party 3. 0The core function of political parties is to a0. educate young people in the duties of citizenship b0. select candidates by holding primary elections c0. provide patronage d0. win elections e0. control interest groups 4. 0American national parties can best be described as a0. decentralized, loosely connected systems of local and state organizations b0. centralized and orderly organizations c0. a number of fragmented groups with virtually no organization d0. large, efficient organizations headed by prominent government officials e0. inefficient organizations, run by the Congressional leadership of each party 5. 0The most important factor in creating and maintaining a two party system in the U.S. is a0. the degree of consensus on major issues in the U.S. b0. single member distract and plurality voting procedures c0. the two party heritage from western Europe d0. the strength of the central organization of the two established parties e0. strong loyalties among party members 6. 0Which newly formed political party became most identified with the antislavery
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Unit III Sample Questions - Unit III Sample Questions 1....

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