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Laboratory Report - Samantha Singh Laboratory Report...

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Samantha Singh Laboratory Report 12/7/09 Over the course of the semester we have done several dissections. In this Lab Report I will explain the digestive system of each organism I dissected and its feeding behaviors. Then I will go over the changes in the systems from more primitive to more advanced digestive systems. The first dissection done for the class was the earthworm. The mouth of the earthworm is the prostomium. The worm has no teeth and uses its pharynx to bring in soil containing it’s food. Food and soil go through a long esophagus into a crop. The crop is where food is stored temporarily. Food is then moved into the gizzard. The gizzard is a muscle that contracts and expands. This causes sand and food to rub together so that the food is ground up. In the intestine the food is digested and enzymes chemically break down the food. Then digested food is absorbed by blood circulating through the intestine walls. The intestine is long and stretches to the end of the worm. An earthworm ingests large amounts of soil, which also contains organic matter. Useless inorganic matter goes through the worm without change. This is left on the ground in the form of castings. When earthworms feed the soil is loosened which makes it easier for air and water to
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This note was uploaded on 12/14/2009 for the course BIO 1020 taught by Professor Hirt during the Fall '09 term at Pellissippi.

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Laboratory Report - Samantha Singh Laboratory Report...

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