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ECE 6610: Wireless Networks Examination 1 (02/10/09) 1. Do not cheat! You will receive an F grade if you are seen collaborating in any manner 2. This is a CLOSED book exam. No calculators, cell-phones, or any device with memory or network access can be used. 3. No questions will be answered in class. Make any assumptions you want to make, and write down the assumptions in the exam. 4. Read every question carefully and completely. You have to answer all parts of a question to receive full grade. 5. Make sure you have written down your name and email on the top right corner of this page. Time: 1 hour 15 hours Number of questions: 15 Total Points: 15 % of final grade: 15 Question 1 15 points MAX POINTS POINTS TOTAL: Name: Email:
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Question 1 (Answer in 3-5 lines) (15 points, each question worth 1 point) 1. Explain clearly the rationale for performing loss recovery at BOTH layers two and four of the OSI protocol stack model. (a) Layer two reliability is required to speed up loss detection and recovery (b) Layer four reliability is required to guarantee loss detection and recovery 2. Let the maximum distance between any two stations in a network be 150m. Assume the speed of light to be 300,000,000 m/s. The data rate is 50Mbps. Compute the minimum frame size that will ensure that CSMA/CD will always achieve better performance than CSMA. Assume that the
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2009-sample-exam - Name Email ECE 6610 Wireless Networks...

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