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Unformatted text preview: ECE6610: Wireless Networks Programming Assignment 3 • This assignment is due 11:59pm on Nov 3, 2009. One assignment submission per group. • Submit a doc file with your answers, the tcl file, the modified (with comments to what you did) file to the TA at [email protected] • Use the T-Square wiki to post all questions regarding the assignment. Info about where to put each file is given as comments in the files. • Do not collaborate amongst groups. 1. (Simulation component: 40 points) Construct a network with one router (W(0)), a corresponding host (CH), home agent (HA), foreign agent (FA) and a mobile host (MH) as shown below. The goal of this assignment is to study the performance of a TCP connection between the CH and MH with and without route optimization. In this assignment, we consider only one type of route optimization, namely, BINDING UPDATE message. This binding update message is sent by a HA to the CH when a MH moves from the HA network to a FA network in order to avoid triangular routing. The setting is as follows: (a) All links are duplex links with FIFO queue (Drop Tail). The 3-tuple (a, b, c) labeled beside each link specifies the (bandwidth in Mbps, propagation delay in ms, and queue limit in packets) of the link. The packet size is 1000 bytes. (b) The two TCP flows are shown in the figure and they carry FTP traffic. Use the standard TCP flavor (TCP in ns-2) for both TCP flows. Both flows start at 5 seconds. Set the receiver window of each TCP flow properly such that both flows are not receiver-window-limited....
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pa3-modified - ECE6610 Wireless Networks Programming...

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