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History of Children - History of Childrens Book Earliest...

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History of Children’s Book Earliest books in general by monks o Instructional and for wealthy First childrens book that was printed on a printing press was about table manners o Les Contenances de la Table(1487) o Guntenburg 1439 – so believable this is the first book First picture book: Orbus Pictus (1657) by John Comemius o Woodcuts o Designed to teach vocabulary o The Barber shop – pictures associated to enhance meaning of text o Books still for adults wealthy and scarce Unique styles of early books Hornbooks o Unusual not really books o TINY size of hand 2 ¾ inches by 3 in o Bound by brass transparent horn? On wooden paddles o Designed to teach phonics and religions o Cross, Alphabet, ___ Then lords prayer Battledores – first ______ (1700s) o John newsbury’s asst did something? Invented it? o Not always religious intent o One about friendship o Folded up book Chapbooks o Name because they were sold by peddles – chapman – sold thru a penny very little
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o 16-64 pages long o Drastically condensed versions of popular literature o For common man – not just for wealthy o The Life and Death of Jenny Wren A very small book for a very small charge to learn them to read before they grow large o Woodcut illustrated medium o Mother Hubbard – printed in 3 colors 3 Main books in 1600s Books for adults, but children really liked them o Adventure, fantasy interest children o Pilgrims Progress (1678) by John Bunyon Find it in library collections today Bunyon english writer and preacher nonconformist Prison 1660-1672 1675 during this time he devoted himself to study bible and other religious works Story not intended for children, but liked it Starts in a dream Hero Christian – crosses river of death, hobgoblins, children liked the fantasy, fairy tale part Children heard it incidentally, family readings, parents reading it and they over heard o Robinson Crusoe (1719)
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