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clas205latsuf - DruruurrvE SUFFIxES...

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D.^Jrc*.a \j L.q.rrx Surrrxrs IoL-'r, ,-,-. o*. i.-t I ! f Au.rrcrrvr-FonurNc Sunnrxns Pnnraanv DerrNrrroN Surrrx AtontoNeL DBpntntoNs Exeupr,Bs Pertaining to -al (-ial, -eal) -ile, -il -ar -ine -ic, -tic -ary -an- -ane Like, belonging to, having the characteristic of aa)) like connecte.d with, having the characteristic of Having the shape of -form -ate Like havine Full of -ose -ous (-ious. eous) Havine the characteristic of Able to, Tending to -ile -able. -ible Tending to -id -uous -ulous -ive -ory -itious -acious Inclined to serving for characterizedby inclined to Belonging to, Resemblins -aceous -lng -ent (-ient). -ant That which. one who
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Unformatted text preview: DruruurrvE SUFFIxES Little-ule, -ole, -le-el-cule, -cle-il-uncle-ette- -et Vnnn FoRMING SUFFIxES To make-it,-isate. -eeate To cause To drive To besin-esce To be somewhat NouN FoRurNc Sunrxns Place for, abDaratus-ory (-orium)-ary (-arium) Qualify oi state of-y Cia)-itude Act of-rty (-ety, -ty)-ance, -ence-ancy. -ency Act of-ion-ure-us-men-. -min' State of, result of the act of tar) aa, Result of, means of Result of the act of-ure-us-or-ble, -bul-cle-, -cul--crumr -cr--trum. -fr-Act of state of means of, place for means of aat,...
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