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Boccaccio Final Questions

Boccaccio Final Questions - HUMN 1010 Literature Component...

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HUMN 1010, Literature Component Final Questions for Boccaccio’s Decameron : Define “Comic Sexual Festivity,” and explain its purpose. Analyze how two separate novellas of Boccaccio’s Decameron utilize this imagery. What role does storytelling play in the Decameron ? Describe the role and purpose of storytelling in (a) the outer frame story, and (b) in one novella. Describe the three misadventures that happen to Andreuccio (“Second Day, Fifth Story”), and explain how these misadventures are united by recurring motifs and/or symbols of death and rebirth. What is the meaning/point of such symbolism in terms of Andreuccio’s individual story? Finally, how is this imagery connected to the background story of escape from the plague? Analyze the roles of language, muteness, and desire in the story of Masetto and the nuns (“Third Day, First Story”), specifically in terms of Lacan’s theories of imaginary and symbolic orders (look at your notes from October 31 st ).
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