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FA06Ma.9Hw5 - a fixed moment in time t Show that at time t...

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Ma 1a – Section 1 Fall 2006 HOMEWORK #5 DO NOT TURN IN This homework will not be graded, please do not turn it in. However, you should attempt at least the first three questions before you do the midterm. Unless otherwise stated, all numbered problems refer to Apostol. 1. Problem 3.11.1, p.145. 2. Problem 3.11.6, p.145. 3. Take a portion of the earth and draw a circle on it somewhere. Consider
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Unformatted text preview: a fixed moment in time t . Show that at time t there are two diametrically opposite points (that is, points at the ends of the same diameter) at which the temperature is the same. (HINT: Use the Intermediate Value Theorem.) 4. Problem 3.20.2, p.155. 5. Problem 3.20.3, p.155. 6. Problem 3.20.7, p.155....
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