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642:527 ASSIGNMENT 6 FALL 2009 CHANGE IN DUE DATE OF THIS ASSIGNMENT: Turn in starred problems Thursday 10/15/2009. Be sure to read the instructions below. Section 7.2: 1; 4 (a), (b)*; 5 (a) (c) (f); 10 Section 7.3: 1 (a), (c)*, (h); 9 (a), (g), (h)*, (j); 11 (a)*, (d)* Instructions: In Section 7.2, problems 4 and 5, the instruction to ±nd “the equation of the phase trajectories” means to ±nd a conserved quantity by the method indicated at the
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Unformatted text preview: bottom of page 338 (equations (4) and (5)) and use that to plot trajectories. In Section 7.3, problems 9 and 11, ±rst fnd the general solution oF the equations by matrix methods —that is, using eigenvalues and eigenvectors—as we did in class. Then complete the instructions in the text. Finally, in problem 11 (as well as problem 9), sketch some trajectories in the phase plane. In problem 11 your sketch can be very rough....
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