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cs221-anon-survey - challenge problems Useful for learning...

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CS221 Anonymous Midterm Survey 1. Have you looked at any of the lecture notes posted online?  If so, how helpful were they?  Any comments on them? 2. What do you think of the lectures?  (E.g., clarity, pace, would you like to see more/less  detail, anything you can think of.)  3. How many of the Friday sessions have you watched/attended? What do you think of the  them?   (E.g., clarity, pace, etc.)   4. What's your favorite part of this class? 5. What's your least favorite part of this class?  Anything that you'd like us to do differently?  6. What do you think of the homeworks (both written part and programming part) and the 
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Unformatted text preview: challenge problems? Useful for learning the material? Did you like or dislike having the frequent “test cases” provided in the programming portions? 7. Any other comments or suggestions regarding the class? Or any other messages that you'd like to pass on either to Prof. Ng or one of the TAs? We take all student feedback very seriously. Thanks very much for filling this out! Some ways to hand this in anonymously: At end of class on 11/3; send to Professor Ng via campus mail; in the hand-in box at the bottom of the Gates A wing stairwell; FAX to (650)725-1449; or via SCPD courier....
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