hw5 - CS 373 Homework 5(due Spring 1999 CS 373...

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Unformatted text preview: CS 373 Homework 5 (due 4/22/99) Spring 1999 CS 373: Combinatorial Algorithms, Spring 1999 http://www-courses.cs.uiuc.edu/~cs373 Homework 5 (due Thu. Apr. 22, 1999 by noon) Name: Net ID: Alias: Everyone must do the problems marked I . Problems marked are for 1-unit grad students and others who want extra credit. (Theres no such thing as partial extra credit!) Unmarked problems are extra practice problems for your benefit, which will not be graded. Think of them as potential exam questions. Hard problems are marked with a star; the bigger the star, the harder the problem. Note: You will be held accountable for the appropriate responses for answers (e.g. give models, proofs, analyses, etc) Undergrad/.75U Grad/1U Grad Problems I 1. (5 pts) Show how to find the occurrences of pattern P in text T by computing the prefix function of the string P T (the concatenation of P and T ). I 2. (10 pts total) Fibonacci strings and KMP matching Fibonacci strings are defined as follows: F 1 = b , F 2 = a , and F n = F n- 1 F n- 2 , ( n > 2) where the recursive rule uses concatenation of strings, so F 2 is ab, F 3 is aba. Note that the length of F n is the n th Fibonacci number....
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hw5 - CS 373 Homework 5(due Spring 1999 CS 373...

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