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Problem Set 3- Food Quality (KEY)

Problem Set 3- Food Quality (KEY) - cupcakes are made with...

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FS2000-NS3450 Problem Set 3: Food Quality and Deterioration (Due in class by Wed, Oct 21) 1. Define “Shelf Life” in terms of “MAQ” (also define the latter). Identify two methods by which shelf life is commonly determined. Shelf Life is the time required for the quality of a product to reach MAQ, or minimum acceptable quality. Note that at the MAQ the product is still acceptable (barely). 2. CONGRATULATIONS!! You have just been made the head of quality control at Chinchilla INC. (a major food company not just specializing in chinchilla food). Identify an appropriate quality parameter that would be useful for setting an MAQ and determining shelf life for each of the products below. Justify your choices. a. CHINCHILI! –a packaged fresh fruit salad consisting of sliced apples, pears, coconut and banana. Many possibilities. The best ones relate to quality parameters of light colored fruits, especially extent of browning , which is particulary obvious in such products. b. CHOCO-CHINCHILLA CUPCAKES – these moist and delicious
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Unformatted text preview: cupcakes are made with chin-chocolate! Great with a glass of milk! Many possibilities. Texture (compressibility, mouthfeel, etc) is an important quality attribute of such products, and could be evaluated either by instrument or by a taste panel. c. CHINCHILLA-MILK – a pasteurized, low-fat white chocolate milk. Pairs great with Choco-Chinchilla cupcakes! Milk is a perishable product whose quality most commonly relates to bacterial growth. Thus bacterial counts (cfu/ml) would be an appropriate MAQ parameter. Determination Just Noticeable Difference by a trained taste panel could also be used here. 3. The Following is data of the concentration of ascorbic acid in cranberry juice over time at 22˚ C. If the MAQ is 25 mg/L, calculate the product shelf life Shelf life = ____10.5 days (10 – 11 acceptable)_______________ Days in storage Ascorbic acid concentration (mg/L) 2 85 4 60 8 35 12 20 18 10 Ascorbic acid (mg / ml) Days 25 50 100 MAQ 10...
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Problem Set 3- Food Quality (KEY) - cupcakes are made with...

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