homework2_ans - SIO 10, Winter 2009 Homework # 2 Due...

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Unformatted text preview: SIO 10, Winter 2009 Homework # 2 Due Friday, January 23 Chapters 4, 5, 6, Interlude B Appendix A 20 points Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper with your name and student ID on it. Short, concise answers are preferred above lengthy ones. Note that your handwriting must be legible to receive credit. Be sure to answer all sub-questions. 1. Continents slowly change their position over the Earth’s surface, which scientists discovered can be explained by plate tectonics. a) Briefly explain the theory of plate tectonics b) Name three geological features plate tectonics can explain. c) Name the three types of plate boundaries, and show in cross-section the plate movement at each of these boundaries with arrows. Make sure that your drawings indicate which of the Earth’s layers move. d) How do we know where currently active plate boundaries are located on Earth? (5 points total) Plate tectonics is the theory that the outer layer of the Earth (lithosphere) consists of separate pieces (plates) that move with respect to each other (p. 86). (1 pt) Geological features it can explain: origin and distribution of earthquakes, major sea-floor features (mid-ocean ridges, deep-ocean trenches, seamount chains, fracture zones) and volcanoes (p. 113). (1 pt) Plate boundaries : divergent, convergent, transform (p. 89) (1 pt)...
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homework2_ans - SIO 10, Winter 2009 Homework # 2 Due...

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