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VERSION “JANUARY” INDICATE THE VERSION NUMBER IN THE MONTH FIELD VERSION JANUARY COLOR IN MONTH “JAN” VERSION FEBRUARY COLOR IN MONTH “FEB”, ETC. SIO10 Midterm, Friday Feb. 06, 2009 1) What is planet Earth’s age? a) about 100,000 years b) about 15 billion years c) about 100 million years d) about 4.5 billion years 2) By what mechanism does the sun produce its energy? a) volcanism b) fission c) fusion d) greenhouse effect e) convection 3) In the geocentric model of the Universe, a) Earth orbits around the Sun b) the Sun orbits around the Earth c) just the Moon orbits around the Earth d) Mercury and Venus orbit around the Sun, but all other planets orbit the Earth 4) Eratosthenes was the first person to accurately estimate the size of Earth. He accomplished this feat by. .. a) sailing around the world and estimating his average rate of travel b) comparing the length of an Earth day with the distance between the Earth and the Sun c) measuring the severity of the greatest earthquakes d) observing shadows simultaneously cast at two different cities that were separated by a known distance. 5) Aside from Earth, the terrestrial planets are … a) Jupiter and the Moon b) Mars and Jupiter c) Mercury, Saturn and Hollywood d) Mars, Venus and Mercury
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6) The Moon is believed to have formed a) at the beginning of time. b) from comets. c) when a Mars-size body hit the Earth. d) in the asteroid belt. 7) Earth’s surface is protected from solar wind and cosmic radiation by … a) Earth’s gravitational field b) A powerful stream of ions emitted by the Sun c) Earth’s magnetic field
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