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VERSION “FEBRUARY” INDICATE THE VERSION NUMBER IN THE MONTH FIELD VERSION JANUARY COLOR IN MONTH “JAN” VERSION FEBRUARY COLOR IN MONTH “FEB”, ETC. SIO10 Midterm, Friday Feb. 06, 2009 1) Which type of lava forms shield volcanoes? a) rhyolitic b) andesitic c) basaltic 2) Extrusive rocks have a finer-grained texture than intrusive rocks because… a) they cool faster b) they contain more silica c) they cool slower 3) A surface along which rock on opposed sides is offset by sliding during an earthquake is called a a) joint b) fault c) fold d) wall 4) The relationship between stress and strain is that a) stress is a result of strain b) strain is a result of stress c) "stress" and "strain" are exact synonyms d) "strain" is used in everyday speech to connote weariness, but has no meaning in geology 5) Which earthquake intensity scale varies from locality to locality for a single earthquake? a) Richter scale b) Mercalli scale c) seismic-moment scale
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6) Which of these is NOT a sedimentary rock? a) limestone b) sandstone c) basalt d) halite 7) What process turns limestone into marble? a) melting b) freezing c) metamorphism d) weathering e) sculpting 8) A metamorphic phase diagram depends on what two parameters? a) silica content and water b) temperature and pressure c) Moon and planets 9) Which of the following processes cannot occur in the formation of metamorphic rock? a) realignment of minerals so that they develop a preferred orientation b) segregation of minerals into layers of different compositions c) solid-state rearrangement of atoms or ions to create a new assemblage of
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