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INDICATE THE VERSION NUMBER IN THE MONTH FIELD VERSION JANUARY COLOR IN MONTH “JAN” VERSION FEBRUARY COLOR IN MONTH “FEB”, ETC. SIO 10 Midterm, Wednesday Mar. 04, 2009 1) Short-term predictions of earthquake behavior… a) have saved millions of lives in the past decade alone b) have been largely unreliable c) are primarily based on the behavior patterns of farm animals d) are correct approximately 50% of the time 2) A seismic gap is. .. a) the time between the P waves and the S waves when there is no shaking b) a section of an active fault along which few or no earthquakes have occurred in an unusually long time c) the time between the body and surface waves when there is no shaking d) a seismically inactive interior region of a continent 3) A seismologist, Inge Lehmann, discovered the Earth's solid inner core by observing a) unusual signals on recordings of Earth's magnetic field b) faint reflections of P waves from deep within the Earth's core c) the total absence of shear waves at distances from an earthquake beyond 103° d) that Earth's gravitational field was stronger than it could be if the Earth's core was entirely liquid 4) In Geology, the term “Orogeny” refers specifically to what? a) something you see only in X-rated movies b) metamorphosis or melting of rocks c) mountain building d) the erosion of mountain chains 5) Orogenic collapse is. .. a) the process in which a mountain range collapses under its own weight as the deep, ductile, root of the range flows sideways b) the premature end to a young mountain range. c) growth is halted when tectonic motions reverse, pulling the mountain range down d) the downward motion of the hanging wall block during normal faulting e) the gradual erosion of a mountain belt
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