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VERSION “FEBRUARY” INDICATE THE VERSION NUMBER IN THE MONTH FIELD VERSION JANUARY COLOR IN MONTH “JAN” VERSION FEBRUARY COLOR IN MONTH “FEB”, ETC. SIO 10 Midterm, Wednesday Mar. 04, 2009 1) Which of the following can cause global sea level to rise? a) global temperature increase b) the breakup of a supercontinent and the subsequent formation of many spreading centers c) increase in the rate of sea-floor spreading d) all of the above 2) The most prominent force inducing tides on Earth is the ____________ a) Sun's gravitationall pull b) Moon's gravitational pull c) electromagnetic attraction between Earth and the Sun d) gravitational attraction between ocean waters and the continents on Earth 3) Compared to continental lithosphere, oceanic lithosphere is ___________ a) thicker b) thinner c) approximately the same thickness 4) Where do we find the oldest rocks? a) ocean floor b) volcanoes c) continental rifts d) continental cratons 5) Which of these is the slowest mass movement? a) creep b) lahar c) debris flow d) pyroclastic flow 6) Orogenic collapse is. .. a) the process in which a mountain range collapses under its own weight as the deep, ductile, root of the range flows sideways b) the premature end to a young mountain range. c) growth is halted when tectonic motions reverse, pulling the mountain range down d) the downward motion of the hanging wall block during normal faulting e) the gradual erosion of a mountain belt
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7) A hillside consisting of a pile of sediment in which the slope is steeper than the angle of repose for the sediment represents a(n) __________ a) stable slope b) unstable slope 8) Which has the greater competence a) a small mountain stream b) The Mississippi river 9) What is a longitudinal profile? a) cross-section of a stream from one side to the other
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