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VERSION “MARCH” INDICATE THE VERSION NUMBER IN THE MONTH FIELD VERSION JANUARY COLOR IN MONTH “JAN” VERSION FEBRUARY COLOR IN MONTH “FEB”, ETC. SIO 10 Midterm, Wednesday Mar. 04, 2009 1) Chemically, oil and gas are both a) pure forms of carbon b) hydrocarbons c) carbohydrates d) carbonate minerals 2) Which of the following is a renewable resource? a) coal b) oil c) solar d) natural gas 3) Nuclear fission is a completely clean source of energy. a) true b) false 4) Through geologic time, continents have drifted over the surface of Earth, but each continent has always been as large as it is today a) true b) false 5) Rock types that can be formed by orogeny are… a) sedimentary b) igneous c) metamorphic d) none of the above e) all of a) through c) 6) A footprint preserved in rock is a fossil a) true b) false 7) Which of these is the slowest mass movement? a) creep b) lahar c) debris flow d) pyroclastic flow
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8) Which of the following are unconformities a) angular unconformity b) nonconformity c) disconformity d) all of the above e) none of a) through c) 9) Short-term predictions of earthquake behavior… a) have saved millions of lives in the past decade alone b) have been largely unreliable c) are primarily based on the behavior patterns of farm animals d) are correct approximately 50% of the time 10) A seismic gap is. .. a) the time between the P waves and the S waves when there is no shaking b) a section of an active fault along which few or no earthquakes have occurred in an unusually long time c) the time between the body and surface waves when there is no shaking d) a seismically inactive interior region of a continent 11) A seismologist, Inge Lehmann, discovered the Earth's solid inner core by observing a) unusual signals on recordings of Earth's magnetic field b) faint reflections of P waves from deep within the Earth's core
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