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ENGL393 Memo - Potbellys - Memo To: Potbellys Sandwich...

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Memo Page 1 To: Potbellys Sandwich Works From: Milo (Kuang) Li Date: October 11, 2009 Subject: Altering current product for more healthy alternatives The purpose of this memo is to change the product lineup at Potbellys Sandwich Works to a lower fat, sugar, and sodium alternative. Summary: The market is increasingly geared towards a healthier-eating lifestyle. A change in products such as mayonnaise, bacon, and high fructose corn syrup would not only provide more nutritious products, but additional revenue from the healthier image the store portrays. Discussion/Background: I have been working at the Potbellys in College Park for over a year now and in that time I have noticed that the store carries numerous items that are far from being considered healthy. With the obesity issues in our country, it should be safe to say that most people are becoming more health cautious and try to eat better. This is especially true for a large group of college students because many are open to, as well as welcoming the idea of, healthier eating. I have heard from one of my managers note that our biggest competitor is not Quiznos or Jimmy Johns or any other sub- styled sandwich chain; but rather Jason’s Deli, an eatery that carries numerous organic foods and is based on the idea of healthy eating. The purpose of this research will be to provide products
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ENGL393 Memo - Potbellys - Memo To: Potbellys Sandwich...

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